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It started back in 2020. I was looking for a hobby that involved working with my hands. After trying out a few things that didn't quite click, I took a pottery course – and it was love at first touch. The sensation was magical, and my heart raced with excitement. I trusted that feeling and took another course, and another... and the clay never left my hands again. At some point I realised it had become more than just a hobby, so I made some big changes in my life and embarked on a new path. 

Over time I've travelled places to research the roots, the core of the craft. I went to the Rif mountain in Morocco to live with local potters and discover the feminine pottery tradition, singing around bonfire. I went to Cástaras, a small region in Spain to learn about local geology and the way to work with wild clay. I stayed up in the mountains in Portugal researching glazing chemistry, rock glazing and the magic of wood firing inin the Sasukenei-Smokeless Kiln.

I perceive the contact with clay as a way to reconnect with Mother Earth. My intention is to create ceramic objects through which one can sense nature in everyday rituals. To achieve this, I experiment with various surfaces and textures, seeking to capture the beauty of nature. I work both using the throwing wheel and hand-building techniques, juggling between the two in my artistry.

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