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I created this bowl during my study of the glaze chemistry in Cerdeira, Portugal. The bowl hand-made on the potter's wheel with a local stoneware clay. Texture is carved by hand. The bowl is fully glazed inside and partially outside with wood-ash glaze.


It was fired in the smokless wood fire kiln for three days. The appearance of the bowl is different from every angle due to magic of the wood firing. Wood burns to ash and then it flies around the kiln, setlling on pieces and creating a natural glaze and various effects on surfaces.


The appearance of blue color is fascinating. It was created through the mutual dance of the initial wood-ash glaze with that ash created by burning wood. Places that were not glazed gained shiny brown by flames.


/ Single piece /


Size (Ø 20 cm, h 14 cm)

See FAQ for info on how to care.

Pedestal bowl Fire


    Pickup in Berlin available at Blayse studio or Barsega studio.


    Food safe, dishwasher safe, microwaves and ovens are discouraged.


    Shipping cost will be counted at the checkout.

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